Warrior sweep probability of nearly 4 into

According to the US media reports, with the Warriors in the finals to obtain a 2-0 lead, BPI (basketball strength index) that the probability of winning the warriors has been as high as 98%(click nba 2k17 mt).

In fact, before the official start of this year's finals, BPI is very optimistic about the Warriors win, won the probability of up to 93%.

Finals before the two games, the Warriors showed a clear advantage, respectively, to win the Cavaliers up to 22 points and 19 points, and achieved a 2-0 lead.

In this way, BPI will be the Warriors win probability increased to 98%. Among them, the Warriors 4-0 swept the Cavaliers to win the probability of 38%; Warriors 4-1 out of the Knight's probability of 40%; Warriors 4-2 out of the Knight's probability of 12%; Warriors 4-3 out of the Knight's probability of 7% . read more