Wade Executive Options Announced to stay in the team

Despite the rumors of Jimmy Butler's deal over the past two days, the Bulls veteran Dwyane Wade will still be able to perform a $ 24 million player option next season(click mt coins).

Wade can wait until the 28th of this month to inform the Bulls of their own decisions, but he is clearly ready to stay in the Bulls to fight a season's decision.

According to people familiar with the matter, after the end of the season, Wade told the Bulls that he had no intention of participating in the reconstruction of the team, if the Bulls decided to break the lineup (such as trading Butler).

Yesterday, the famous NBA reporter Mark - Stein exposed the news, the Bulls and the Cavaliers are discussing the deal with Butler. At the same time, some other teams are also interested in Butler.

While Wade is paying close attention to the situation in Butler and how the Bulls are preparing for the draft this week, but people familiar with the matter, Wade will still perform next season's player options, regardless of the Bulls in the next week to make any decision.

Wade is obviously enjoying the feeling of playing at home in Chicago, and if he jumps out of the contract this summer, he is unlikely to get a $ 24 million annual contract. After years of sacrifice in Miami, Wade is unlikely to continue to make sacrifices in Chicago.source:http://www.nbamtcoins.com/