Manchester United and Real Madrid in the summer transfer war continues, Degea impasse this aside, the question on Ramos, the Red Devils want to continue to try.

"Aspen" revealed that Manchester United to Real Madrid made a latest offer: 45 million euros, the Red Devils do not want to give up the fight to Ramos. Although Real Madrid hold Ramos, but contract negotiations collapse, according to the players and the club has been, is currently in a stalemate, Manchester United believe that they have the opportunity to profit therefrom.

The latest offer for Manchester United, Real Madrid turned down very firmly, they bite from the outset told Manchester United's price: € 90 million, exactly twice as the Red Devils latest offer.

Manchester United immediately made new comments, they told Real Madrid: If you talk about Ramos, we do not talk to you about Degea. It appears that the Red Devils this latest offer, in addition to test, or a small resort on the negotiating strategy.

Real Madrid to keep Ramos's attitude is very firm, in Casillas second farewell meeting, Real Madrid fans directed at Florentino shouting "Ramos is not for sale!", While Real Madrid statement said Chairman : "There are some players that the club did not want to let them go, and they will not go."

Ramos and De Gea transfer in battle, Manchester United is the most negative aspect of the player's own wishes, although the Red Devils not bad money, give Ramos out of the five-year contract (annual salary of 11 million euros), but There are indications that the first will of Ramos and Real Madrid still raises renewal, Manchester United and Real Madrid may just continue the game he used to raise alarm chips, is compelling record. A noteworthy phenomenon is that, to date, only speculation Ramos Spanish media wants to go, but I have never been publicly vocal Ramos said, "want to go", which is obviously very clever means of operation. In contrast, Degea himself is bent to Real Madrid, which is the biggest difference between the two pens move.