Barcelona president Joan Laporta candidates launched their own campaign plans, once he was elected, that John Olivier will serve as club directors. Olivier said that their goal is to make the Barcelona club's revenue grew 45 percent over the next five years, but also said, to imagine that the last time so that when Joan Laporta was elected club revenue increased three times is not possible, on the one hand , broadcast revenue and ticket sales is difficult to increase the club. On the other hand, Neymar transfer problem aftershocks, Barcelona still facing the possibility of huge fines.

Barcelona has served as director of Olivier said: "I believe that anyone considering the club in the coming years, when the economic outlook, it would certainly produce a doubt, that the final price Neymar Neymar How much is the price now? It is € 100 million, but because the problem the proceedings, Barcelona may also be fined 122 million euros, that is to say, Neymar worth as much as 222 million euros. "

2013 summer, Neymar from Santos joined Barcelona, ​​then Barcelona announced the transfer fee was 57 million euros, but this transfer tricky, very much, according to the survey results show that the Spanish judiciary, Neymar actual transfer fee reached 100 billion euros.

Barcelona officials have pointed out that Neymar's transfer fee was 57.1 million euros. Of which 17.1 million euros belong to Santos, N & N companies have been 40 million euros. Although Barcelona already has to Neymar parents N & N company paid 40 million euros, but in accordance with Brazilian law, Barca also required to pay 8.8 million euros in taxes. Brazil now claims not to respect this tax accounted for. Barca Jiaokubudie is, in fact, they have paid 13.5 million euros in taxes to the Spanish tax authorities, if the two sides continue to have differences, consider the most extreme circumstances, Barca also required to pay 8.8 million euros.

In addition to taxes, Barcelona Santos also need to pay 7.9 million euros to buy three young players to acquire the right of priority, because this is also part of the agreement. While Barcelona will be paid to N & N company 600 million euros, the company commissioned to identify rookie in Brazil.

And let Barcelona fans speechless Barcelona Neymar needs to provide 2.5 million euros of the Foundation to pay 10 million euros signing fee to Neymar himself, Neymar's father, will be grounds brokerage commissions charged € 2.7 million. These assorted expenses together, on Neymar transfer, Barca need a total expenditure of 108.5 million euros, taking into account the C Ronaldo transfer fee is 96 million euros, Neymar join Barcelona is the most expensive football transfers.

Spanish "Marca" reported that prosecutors believe FC Barcelona fraud Neymar transfer fee in the event, and decided to investigate Barcelona. If eventually convicted, will face Barcelona in the amount of fraud, the amount of 2-4 times the fine, according to estimates Laporta's campaign team, the fines could reach 122 million, that is to say, Neymar's real worth as much as 2.22 euros, not only unprecedented, it is likely no latecomers.