While the free agent market this summer was Aldridge and David - West two all-star players so far this season regular season record excellent San Antonio Spurs, but with the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers which in recent two championship favorite battle, defeated both big score, missed time in Duncan, the Spurs inside fatigue weakness is further enlarged, in order to better complement the inside, the Spurs are brewing a big deal.
Details of the deal that sent the San Antonio Spurs will play Boris - Christian Dior, Matt - Bonner two veterans, and Kyle - Anderson and Jonathan - Simmons two star this impressive performance of the season to give Atlanta Hawks All-Star inside Al - Horford, Milwaukee Bucks are also involved in the deal, and sent the Milwaukee Bucks OJ- Mayo will be - Boris Diaw and Matt - Bonner two veterans. The Hawks aspect is obtained Kyle - Anderson and Jonathan - Simmons and OJ- Mayo.

For such a pile three-way deal, NBA leading experts Wona Luo Jaworski also said: "As the core of the deal, Al - Horford will become a free agent this summer, but the current situation from the Eagles, the team did not fully grasp capable of retaining the All-Star inside in the summer. "From the point of view of the present season, Carroll Eagles lost performance this season ups and downs too, declining state Teague, Schroeder also Language Trading rumors swirl, this  - Horford's contract will expire, in this case, does not rule out the Eagles will put Horford shelves, in exchange for the young players and expiring contracts to free up cap space for the summer transfer market preparation.

If the deal is really become a reality, then the biggest benefit will undoubtedly be the San Antonio Spurs, Al - Horford joined Spurs inner strength undoubtedly turn raised a notch, once Horford joined the Spurs, Duncan will be able to get more rest the time, the better to ensure the health to prepare for the playoffs, but with Horford, Aldridge is not afraid at holiday time Duncan struggled in the paint, Al - Horford can complete the liberation of Aldridge, let the Last summer's free-agent market to get back the feeling of the biggest card player pioneer period.

Of course, as a third team involved in the transaction, if the transaction occurs, it is described as the Milwaukee Bucks can not lose, they just sent out OJ- Mayo get the - Boris Diaw and Matt - Bonner two experiences veteran. 8,000,000 salary this season, Mayo state average, while the Bucks array either Maika Wei,   other core Middleton are too young and inexperienced is the team of the regular season record bad The main reason, if we can harvest Dior and Bonner two Spurs veterans, young bucks can undoubtedly benefited.