Golden State Warriors on the road to 102-92 victory over the Atlanta Hawks, the game, the Warriors led by as 23 points behind, but they also risked being overturned eagle. But in the end, the Warriors continue their magical Law - as long as the 15-point lead, we will win, it is their 15-point lead in the first 101-match winning streak(more nba 2k16 buy mt).

The game, the Warriors have been playing so smooth, they are 6 minutes and 56 seconds of the third quarter, with Curry's layup made 70-47 lead, the huge gap of 23 points Hawks difficult to stand up.

But the Eagles did not give up, just less than 7 minutes in the third quarter this time, the Eagles actually scored 28 points, single shot 36-18 to catch the score 75-76 only 1 point behind. And start the fourth quarter, with Horford layup, Hawks to 77-76 overtake Warriors.

This does not ban the Warriors cold sweats. Fortunately, with Craig - Thompson consecutive cut points, the Warriors once again took the lead and eventually win.

After all, the Warriors won the game, it also allows them to get a continuation of the laws of magic - as long as the Warriors led the race 15 points or more, they will win the game. In the last game against the Clippers, the Warriors once made a 18-point lead and eventually they won, it was their 15-point lead in the first 100 victories. Today, this record is extended to 101 games.

Of course, you get 15 points ahead to win is not a particularly difficult thing. Especially for some teams, once 15 points ahead of them, it is almost impossible comeback opponents want. In the past 20 years, the league has 91% of the team as soon as a 15-point lead will win. Where winning streak over the Warriors also have two - San Antonio Spurs and the Dallas Mavericks (data as of 2014-15 season), which the Spurs won the 112-match winning streak, the Mavericks won the 111-match winning streak.

But now the warriors amazing strength, in accordance with their usual style of play, once a big lead to win, this will increase to a record. As long as they win another dozen on the field, you can record over the Mavericks and Spurs. After all, this record is not harsh, high fault tolerance, if not included in the Warriors losing record; lead and lose, but the game did not lead 15 minutes would not be included; therefore the impact of the Warriors want this record still promising ; and believe that warrior's strength and status, so this is not difficult.source:nbamtcoin