7: 1 score will reproduce it? Bayern goalkeeper Neuer in the pre-match press conference on the 22nd of smiled and said: "We are less likely to think that game, it was the German team, which despite rival Bayern coach is the same person, but the game is completely different. "

2014 Brazil World Cup semi-final, played in Germany Scolari led Brazil a 7: 1. Today, Bayern from Germany will be against the July 23 China Hengda club, Hengda coach Luiz Felipe Scolari precisely.

Continuous play against Valencia, Inter Milan after two games, Bayern will usher in the last 23 match China trip. Team coach Pep Guardiola believes the situation is still very good, there is no injury, the team to China is not entirely to tune the body, because the team tactics Running is also important, and after all aspects of reception conditions in China are well, he was very satisfied.

Through the words of Guardiola, a reporter asked Guardiola will not let Hengda goals, in return for good reception?

Guardiola said with a smile, it should be mentioned to Neuer problems. Bayern certainly not give the opponent the opportunity to score, but if the opponent has the strength, then of course you can score.

2013 Club World Cup semi-final, then Hengda 0: 3 defeat to Bayern.

Speaking recently joined, the performance of impressive Douglas Costa, Guardiola generous words of praise. He said: "I am very satisfied with the state of Douglas, especially when he was preparing for it has shown a very good ball and without the ball running, but he has to go into the entire team in Douglas inside first. games left to play, the second kick on the right, Bayern now because Robben and Franck Ribery were injured, so he needs a winger. Last season Bayern winger position because there are players injured so the impact of the back of the game I hope this season like this one Douglas are strong players to help the team. "
Guardiola said: "Costa one strong, it is possible to create space for his teammates up front, but he was very young, only 24 years old when he first came to Bayern, I am very surprised and asked who he was and why. buy him, and now we know he has the strength, but he needed time to further improve themselves and prove himself, his ability to move forward in the future are strong in the competition, which has no (fixed) position. "

Talk about the recovery of muscle injury Robben and Franck Ribery of an ankle injury, Guardiola said, they kept in touch with the Munich side, know what these players are doing, how to progress, but the specific circumstances and then go back to Munich to see Robben can participate in the German Super Cup in August and the Wolfsburg game. "We also are concerned about the recovery of Dante and Kirchhoff. Ribery is improving, but he was still the gym, and we are not the same situation, you also need more recovery time." He said.

Hengda is one of Asia's best football club, Lippi and other world-class coach Luiz Felipe Scolari has entered the Hengda, then if there is a possibility to Guangzhou Guardiola coached?

Guardiola answered directly and simply: at least now see the next few years will not.

Guangzhou will be the last stop of this China trip Bayern Bayern lineup discharged how to return the fans in Guangzhou? Guardiola said the team will be very strong, but he did not know how long each person specific appearances, it is certain that Neuer will be played tomorrow, but also the captain. And that means that Ram will not start tomorrow.