Germany's 7-0 rout of gibraltar. Ozil played the perfect match with his series of the team's offensive, and completed the three high quality assists in the game, he has become a perpetual motion machine of the German national team midfielder, indispensable. No wonder Loew once commented Mesut Ozil said: "he is our team of Harvey, the team."
German offensive efficiency a large part to see Ozil play in half the Germanic warrior only a 1-0 lead to the second half with the Ozil broke out, the German offensive was completely released. The 47th minute, Boateng crossing, Mesut Ozil in point, after the ball, very calm Guangchuan midway, in the path of the ball is more than German players outflank, although pigs did not hit the ball, but Kruse or in Dianjiang ball pushed into the back of the net. Fifty-seventh minutes, Mesut Ozil in goalkeeper again selfless ball to the ball to the Bella, the latter 12 meters easily break.
Ozil was able to get more and more recognition, the reason is that the game he is selfless and many times they are able to complete offensive opportunities, he will pass the ball, to help teammates to finish shooting. The 71st minute, is a typical example, when Lukas Podolski pass, Mesut Ozil after the ball have directly faced with the goalkeeper, if then hit the door, may strike probability is quite large, but the Arsenal midfielder choose insurance more crosses, Xu erlei easily completed the hat trick. At the same time, Mesut Ozil also completed a hat trick of his assists, in fact, the German national team 7 grain goal, also has a Ozil's shadow, it is his passing to help Andre schurrle complete assists, G Luze break.
Bild after the game called "Ozil completion invigorated the offensive of the German national team, especially in the second half, Loew's team has finally hit the proportionally to attack, which Ozil play not." In fact, Mesut Ozil is really indispensable to present the German national team, especially in the waist position of his organization and passing ability, can be said that no one can replace, if the bottom position Jingdong security but also can be organized, so at the end of a pass, the German national team is very dependent on Mesut Ozil at present, the German national team without sharp winger, like Royce, Bellarabi, Andre schurrle and so on are very good winger, but in the frontal position, Mesut Ozil is the biggest wealth can be said of the national team, which is also one of the reasons that Loew valued his, and play the two season Mesut Ozil more partial in the true sense of stability, will enter the peak period.