Tottenham are disappointed not to have taken all three points against Everton, midfielder Dele Alli says.

Dele Alli believes a 1-1 draw against Everton was harsh on Tottenham following their display at Goodison Park.
Mauricio Pochettino's side dominated the initial half but had been forced to come from a target down following Aaron Lennon's fine strike, with Alli's brilliant finish levelling the score prior to half-time.
Hugo Lloris made a excellent save to deny Muhamed Besic late on but Alli, who saw team-mates Harry Kane and Ben Davies hit the woodwork early on, insists a win would not have flattered Spurs.
"We undoubtedly deserved additional. It shows how properly we're doing to come away to Everton and be disappointed having a 1-1, but the boys played nicely," he told Sky Sports.
Defender Toby Alderweireld agreed Tottenham merited maximum points, adding: "I consider initially half was one from the most effective this season, we had been extremely unlucky and could've scored one particular or two objectives.
"But we've many character and we showed that after the objective. But I believe we lost two points currently.
"I think we're really strong in the back, we have a lot of high-quality in front to produce a difference. If we keep playing like this the results will come."

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