Rooney did not shot, the ball often mistakes, and spent a lot of time retracement, he is supposed to be our core forward, but there is no threat. Change his position to Marshall fishes, French people are the biggest threat. "This is the" Manchester Evening News "reporter Robertson issued with emotion after the game, he pointed out sharply Manchester United now attack the problem.

The campaign, Van Gaal still put Rooney into the center position, but the Manchester United captain has played a bad game. Rooney to Manchester City this field is not completely anti-temper, more often retracement of the ball outside the area, but also a lot of mistakes. Qiangdian in the penalty area basically is a mistake in the end, for example, 61 minutes, Schweinsteiger left the restricted area after the break pass, Rooney would have been in a very good point, but he did not take the initiative grab this point, while the front door was behind Horta  catch the ball damage the bottom line. "Daily Mail" said: "Wayne Rooney on the ball, apparently some of the reactions are too slow, he's really not too much threat in the center position." Yes, recall the midweek Champions League, Rooney in the door Qiangdian before the effect is not good, he wasted a very nice Herrera pass.
Before Scholes said: "Manchester United real pressure is on Rooney, Marshall after a newcomer to the English Premier League recruits, all the pressure is actually on or in Rooney, Manchester United need him broke." Van Gaal for his unconditional The trust, in order to activate Rooney, Manchester United manager almost tried all methods. He even at the Marshall scored from the center position, put the left wing, which is a highly controversial tactical arrangements. But Rooney playing center still did not find the feeling, despite his last round game against Everton into a ball, but three times a single opportunity to seize a one time only, midweek Champions League and the games against Manchester City, Wayne Rooney played very bad, not even any sense of presence. Van Gaal this really is also very helpless, and even some silent, so after the game he said:. "I really nothing to say, I'm tired of you always ask Rooney"
It was somewhat ironic that in this field the highest light moment Rooney has appeared in the primary defense of them. The first 87 minutes, Kolarov kicked out of the wonderful free kick, Otamendi edge of the box ready Qiangdian shot, then Rooney interferes with the body Otamendi, he has made a very clever defense . "BBC", said: "This is one of the best in this field Rooney picture, his active defense or to give him some praise.

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