Singapore local time 20: 30,2015 / 16 season 2 Arsenal pre-season warm-up match started competing at the Singapore National Stadium, Arsenal 3-1 Everton win, Walcott head start, also contributed to expand the score Cazorla 2 assists, Ozil icing on the cake, Buckley pulled one back. Arsenal won the first competition of the season, the Premier League Asia Cup.

New aid Cech played for Arsenal for the first time, later rejoin the other main Ozil and Giroux have received starting. Everton take the initiative to enhance the pace of the game after the opening, both sides there have been many mistakes in attack and defense. Arsenal took the lead 22 minutes, Cazorla midfield forward pass, leans Coleman Walcott 12 yards ahead before Robles volley fire into the net. Arsenal after leading fully control the situation, Giroux small-angle shot was saved, Stones timely rescue. The first 41 minutes, Ke Neiling Barry deflection hit the empty net volley, but offside, the goal was disallowed.

Wilshere replaced Chamberlain, Charles Barkley and Mirallas Everton midfielder came off the bench. Walcott left the restricted area shot blocked the far corner. Cech made long-range order with Houjiabute just fighting. Robles saved Cazorla's shot. With Houji Lu deflect a shot from 12 yards, Walcott a small area outside the small-angle low shot wide of the upper left corner of the far corner. Arsenal 58 minutes to expand the score, Ozil pass, Cazorla twice McCarthy edge of the area after dispossessing low shot the ball through the legs from between McCarthy into the bottom right corner, 2-0. Former Manchester United midfielder Cleverley crossing the ball 12 yards in the Section hoisting wide. 62 minutes, Casola pass, Ozil 10 yards single-handedly Tuishe network, 3-0. Chamberlain left the restricted area lob wide of the far corner. The first 75 minutes, lost the ball after Chamberlain, Barry pass, the upper right edge of the area outside Buckley shot burst network, 1-3. With Houjiabute left wing free kick pass, Barry nodded the ball from the center being Ruqie He wants. Asian Cup debut in the Premier League Arsenal win success.