After signing with £ 49 million worth of Stirling, the next big move to Manchester City also is brewing, Blue Moon distance away from Kevin De Bruyne has become increasingly closer.

According to the "Daily Star" reported that Manchester City this week, the Belgian midfielder will be out of a record 5 + 1 contract, valued at 53 million pounds. "Star," the report said, in the contract of Kevin De Bruyne will be 170,000 pounds weekly. And now, still waiting for Manchester City Wolfsburg agree to Kevin De Bruyne offer.

Kevin De Bruyne just finished with VfL Wolfsburg in London for the Emirates Cup, after British media reported that Kevin De Bruyne came to the UK competition, but also will start negotiations with Manchester City. In order to complete the negotiations, Manchester City director of football Berry Jisi Tan has canceled the trip with the team to Asia.

In addition to the midfield position continues tonic, with Vidic leave on loan, and in another striker Dzeko transfer rumors among the Manchester City striker needs to improve his own position. Higuain will probably be the next target of Manchester City.

According to "The Sun" reported that Manchester City's star striker of the Naples had a keen interest in Manchester City hope the arrival of Higuain to fill the vacancy on the front line, while Argentine striker Al Ittihad Stadium to be with their own country team strike partner Aguero joint operations. Higuain had with Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal and several Premiership clubs came over sex scandal before the summer, but want to get "small pipe" is not easy, allegedly only opened about 63 million pounds transfer fee, to take the Argentine striker from Stadio San Paolo.

Higuain since the 2013 summer switch from Real Madrid to Naples, Napoli played a total of two seasons of 102 games, scoring 53 goals, has a stable scoring efficiency.