Thursday, when everyone was waiting for the official announcement of Real Madrid Iker leave their messages, the Real Madrid captain unexpected de Bellas training base in Baltimore, he participated in the team's first collection of new season, with manager Rafael Benitez Real Madrid president Florentino cordial embrace and exchange. "Aspen" wrote: "Casey so far was still a Real Madrid player."

"Aspen" stated Casey still has not solved the problem of his contract with Real Madrid, Porto and therefore the issue of transfer temporarily stranded. For this reason, Casey appeared at Real Madrid training base, with new coach Rafael Benitez meet. On Sunday, Real Madrid will leave for Australia.

Prior to "Marca" said Casey joined Porto only a matter of time, "Aspen" further noted that Casey hopes to set before the Real Madrid team, to complete the move, he did not want to participate in Real Madrid's preseason . But the story took place reversal, Casey not only in the Real Madrid training ground, now Real Madrid goalkeeper Navas injured another, Casey may also travel with the team pre-season campaign.

Thursday afternoon local time 18:48, Casey arrived at Real Madrid training base. It is reported that Casey has become consistent with the Porto da, the only obstacle is the salary issue. Casey at Real Madrid next two years annual salary of 24 million euros, since joining Porto, he gave up 8.5 million euros. Porto agreed to pay 10 million euros in the next two seasons, Real Madrid and therefore only have to pay 5.5 million euros.

However, according to Friday's publication of the "Aspen" broke the news, Casey willing to give up 35 percent of the annual salary, but Real Madrid are unwilling to pay the remaining amount, so the talks temporarily broken.

However, "Marca" report is given to the contrary, "Marca" said the Real Madrid and now with Casey impasse. Friday published "Marca" also played: "! Madrid earthquake Casey Porto Transfers Transfers, still hanging in the sky."

"Marca" broke the news that Real Madrid are willing to pay him the difference in salary Porto, but Casey chose to reject this. Casey hopes Real Madrid can afford to pay him the remaining two years of full salary at Real Madrid.