Premier League most active veterans: Big Brother is his Arsenal Chelsea pillars


With the boom in the transfer market, teams and players increased mobility, and now a team player wants long-term effectiveness has become increasingly difficult. "Daily Mail" will be the effectiveness of the length of time before the team according to the player, an inventory of the Premier League teams active "most loyal" veteran players.

Arsenal, Diaby left after 26-year-old Walcott has is now Arsenal's first patriarch, and this is was a bit unexpected results. Since 2006, Arsenal Walcott has played nine years. On a single time Arsenal, Walcott called the gunman "Big Brother" was.

Several other big giants, Chelsea captain John Terry is an active player for the team for the longest players, joined the Blues in 1998, Terry has served 17 years for the team. Chelsea won four Premier League titles, one Champions League titles, four FA Cups, one European Cup champion, and three League Cups and two Community Shield.

Rooney and Joe - Hart Manchester United and Manchester City are active players in the effectiveness of the longest players. Rooney in 2004 to join the Red Devils have played for the team for 11 years, he played a total of 479 games, scoring 230 goals, helping the team win five Premier League titles and one Champions League. And Joe Hart in 2006 after joining Manchester City for the team for nine years, played a total of 300 times, won two league titles for the team who helped.