Plus ads against the Lakers jersey

NBA ushered in a rare intermittent period, the Union also took the opportunity to bring together the team bosses held a collective meeting, a major theme of the conference is on the shirt of additional advertising related matters(more NBA 2k16 MT coins).

According to the "Cleveland Plain Dealer" Knight team reporter Chris - Hynes Twitter broke the news, most of the league teams have agreed to additional advertising on the shirt, while it was the Lakers a few opposition support team one.

It is reported, NBA plans on the Council in April this year, bosses continue to solicit feedback on whether or not to issue additional advertising on the shirt for a formal resolution.

NBA additional advertising on the shirt idea a long time, as early as 2009 NFL allows each team to sell advertising began training suit, Union which had been discussed. However, the opposition party television, shirts and other factors under the contract, the matter eventually dropped.

In addition, former NBA commissioner David - Stern NBA has been working to establish its own brand image, to some extent, also insisted on not fulfill this shirt advertising the "pure" situation. Adam - Silverstone after taking office, some of the league's operational thinking has shifted.

Silverstone has said publicly that the future must be on the shirt to advertise, as this will increase at least 100 million dollars in revenue. Taking into account the NBA housekeeper for income generation, recently has been committed to promoting the legalization of sports betting, it is hard to imagine he will give up shirts advertising such large pieces of cake. At Silverstone last year and Nike signed a cooperation agreement to the other party to the trademark printed shirts, in fact, had been foreshadowed for this.

So, even though there will be few teams objected, but the general trend, I am afraid we have witnessed from the printed advertising shirt that day is not far now