Pakistani media focus on China to play Kukakuka Referee: Referee irrational


In the 2015 Super League season, the first 13 Shandong Luneng 2-2 draw with Guizhou and after the game, Shandong Luneng coach library card is an assistant referee when the value of a punch, his eyes burst, unable to attend the post-match press conference. After the game, "Universal Sports", "Lance sports" and many other Brazilian media is playing an event focused library card, called the assistant referee for the criminals and perpetrators.

KUKA received the "Global Sports" interview, said the assistant referee lost his mind, when the assistant referee after Luneng defender said never to judge, but it is to fight for you, it makes feel ridiculous. Although KUKA injured, but he said he would not accuse the assistant referee, just to avoid being accused of taking pictures.

Widespread media coverage of this issue in Brazil published first time KUKA injured by exposure photographs, and "Global Sports" report is published in the latest KUKA wound after simple processing photos. "Universal Sports" beating the assistant referee called KUKA criminals, "library card was a violation of the assistant referee, former Atletico Mineiro coach for this wounded, Shandong Luneng players surrounded the 'criminals' on the pitch It was a turbulent time. "

KUKA received the "Global Sports" interview, was beaten on the incident responded, he said: "Now, we still think this thing ridiculous I think (assistant referee) The punch was the wrong person. not for me, he's not out of malice. The assistant referee lost his mind and wanted to fight, he was special too irritable. Later, the staff said he was rushed back to our propaganda, that I could do in the future the referee, but I just want to make you his side of the flag was thrown on the ground, also called the players to come to fight. This kind of thing does happen, not because of his good nature, but lost the impulse of their own control. Later, we have to guard told me their conversation, I even feel a little ridiculous. "

KUKA represents yet received a formal apology from the assistant referee. Though wounded, but said it would not alleged perpetrators library card, a case his injured take pictures only to prevent being accused of, "When I found myself hurt, and then I left, because you do not want to cause controversy. Did not want to In the local needle, only a simple process. For me personally, I do not want these photos were spread out, I have to take a time reserved for backup, then to avoid being accused of, but I will not go charges against him. "

"Lance sports," said after the game, KUKA was beaten assistant referee in related reports. Shortly after the game, chaos began. Shandong Luneng player expelled a referee in the chaos among the KUKA referee beat the other players lying on the lawn surrounded by the perpetrators.

ESPN Brazilian version by the "library card is shown beating in China, brow injured" as the subject reported the matter, saying that it was an unusual situation. After the final whistle sounded tone appeared chaotic unrest, the referee's face hit the library card, causing the latter brow injured.