Premier League transfer market in recent days can be described as bustling, Manchester United and Manchester City are not a small operation, but as Premier League champions Chelsea this summer, not much action, which they loaned to Falcao, according to Spanish media reports, Chelsea signings targeted the Barcelona striker Pedro.

Previously, Pedro just renewed with Barcelona until 2019, but according to the "Daily Sports Daily" reported that the new contract Pedro's penalty plummeted from 150 million euros to 30 million euros, which is his turn It will leave possible. And after 图兰加 League Barca, Pedro also increases the possibility of leaving the team.

According to the "Daily Sport newspaper," the message, Mourinho has to call Pedro to sign him, while his compatriot Fabregas also persuade Pedro to come. Pedro's English ability is considered to be fought in the Premiership hinder his problems, but to Pedro Fabregas revealed that Chelsea dressing room a few Spanish-speaking players.

It is reported that Pedro has been rethinking their future, ready to accept the invitation to Chelsea. Once Pedro decided to join Chelsea, the Blues are very likely to activate his liquidated damages clause, "Mirror" that Pedro even wished to join Chelsea's pre-season tour in the United States. Chelsea think Pedro is a very good team to improve the wing configuration.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta candidates launched their own campaign plans, once he was elected, that John Olivier will serve as club directors. Olivier said that their goal is to make the Barcelona club's revenue grew 45 percent over the next five years, but also said, to imagine that the last time so that when Joan Laporta was elected club revenue increased three times is not possible, on the one hand , broadcast revenue and ticket sales is difficult to increase the club. On the other hand, Neymar transfer problem aftershocks, Barcelona still facing the possibility of huge fines.

Barcelona has served as director of Olivier said: "I believe that anyone considering the club in the coming years, when the economic outlook, it would certainly produce a doubt, that the final price Neymar Neymar How much is the price now? It is € 100 million, but because the problem the proceedings, Barcelona may also be fined 122 million euros, that is to say, Neymar worth as much as 222 million euros. "

2013 summer, Neymar from Santos joined Barcelona, ​​then Barcelona announced the transfer fee was 57 million euros, but this transfer tricky, very much, according to the survey results show that the Spanish judiciary, Neymar actual transfer fee reached 100 billion euros.

Barcelona officials have pointed out that Neymar's transfer fee was 57.1 million euros. Of which 17.1 million euros belong to Santos, N & N companies have been 40 million euros. Although Barcelona already has to Neymar parents N & N company paid 40 million euros, but in accordance with Brazilian law, Barca also required to pay 8.8 million euros in taxes. Brazil now claims not to respect this tax accounted for. Barca Jiaokubudie is, in fact, they have paid 13.5 million euros in taxes to the Spanish tax authorities, if the two sides continue to have differences, consider the most extreme circumstances, Barca also required to pay 8.8 million euros.

In addition to taxes, Barcelona Santos also need to pay 7.9 million euros to buy three young players to acquire the right of priority, because this is also part of the agreement. While Barcelona will be paid to N & N company 600 million euros, the company commissioned to identify rookie in Brazil.

And let Barcelona fans speechless Barcelona Neymar needs to provide 2.5 million euros of the Foundation to pay 10 million euros signing fee to Neymar himself, Neymar's father, will be grounds brokerage commissions charged € 2.7 million. These assorted expenses together, on Neymar transfer, Barca need a total expenditure of 108.5 million euros, taking into account the C Ronaldo transfer fee is 96 million euros, Neymar join Barcelona is the most expensive football transfers.

Spanish "Marca" reported that prosecutors believe FC Barcelona fraud Neymar transfer fee in the event, and decided to investigate Barcelona. If eventually convicted, will face Barcelona in the amount of fraud, the amount of 2-4 times the fine, according to estimates Laporta's campaign team, the fines could reach 122 million, that is to say, Neymar's real worth as much as 2.22 euros, not only unprecedented, it is likely no latecomers.


Thursday, when everyone was waiting for the official announcement of Real Madrid Iker leave their messages, the Real Madrid captain unexpected de Bellas training base in Baltimore, he participated in the team's first collection of new season, with manager Rafael Benitez Real Madrid president Florentino cordial embrace and exchange. "Aspen" wrote: "Casey so far was still a Real Madrid player."

"Aspen" stated Casey still has not solved the problem of his contract with Real Madrid, Porto and therefore the issue of transfer temporarily stranded. For this reason, Casey appeared at Real Madrid training base, with new coach Rafael Benitez meet. On Sunday, Real Madrid will leave for Australia.

Prior to "Marca" said Casey joined Porto only a matter of time, "Aspen" further noted that Casey hopes to set before the Real Madrid team, to complete the move, he did not want to participate in Real Madrid's preseason . But the story took place reversal, Casey not only in the Real Madrid training ground, now Real Madrid goalkeeper Navas injured another, Casey may also travel with the team pre-season campaign.

Thursday afternoon local time 18:48, Casey arrived at Real Madrid training base. It is reported that Casey has become consistent with the Porto da, the only obstacle is the salary issue. Casey at Real Madrid next two years annual salary of 24 million euros, since joining Porto, he gave up 8.5 million euros. Porto agreed to pay 10 million euros in the next two seasons, Real Madrid and therefore only have to pay 5.5 million euros.

However, according to Friday's publication of the "Aspen" broke the news, Casey willing to give up 35 percent of the annual salary, but Real Madrid are unwilling to pay the remaining amount, so the talks temporarily broken.

However, "Marca" report is given to the contrary, "Marca" said the Real Madrid and now with Casey impasse. Friday published "Marca" also played: "! Madrid earthquake Casey Porto Transfers Transfers, still hanging in the sky."

"Marca" broke the news that Real Madrid are willing to pay him the difference in salary Porto, but Casey chose to reject this. Casey hopes Real Madrid can afford to pay him the remaining two years of full salary at Real Madrid.


This summer, AC Milan striker arrival rewarding, Baca and Adriano greatly complement the team's offensive line, but AC Milan did not stop the pace of signings up front, Ibrahimovic has been AC Milan hope to get that person, but Inter Milan suddenly to grab people.

In fact AC Milan began the introduction of Ibrahimovic early action, while Ibrahim himself is willing to return to AC Milan, for which he even personally and brokers found Paris Saint-Germain's top, leaving the team to discuss the issue, but in the end Paris Saint Germans decided to leave him. However, the most recent period, with the "France Football" public bombarded Paris St Germain should give up seeking reconstruction Ibrahimovic, Ibrahimovic direct relationship with the French tyrant is once again tense, taking into account the flies are not liking Ibrahimovic in France, He left Paris returned to Milan to become familiar with the topic of media stir, while AC Milan has been the most aggressive pursuer Ibrahimovic, AC Milan striker despite the introduction of two reinforcements, but still actively buying Ibrahimovic.

But now rivals AC Milan emerged, "slow motion" feeling to compete for Ibrahimovic's Milan derby began, Ibrahimovic another former club, Inter Milan have joined the battle for the Swedish God Tower camp. "Corriere dello Sport" with a cover of the latest issue of the "Inter Milan Ibrahimovic raid" in the title, exposed suddenly popped up to compete for Inter Milan Ibrahimovic news.

"Rome sports daily," said the Inter Milan now have a new idea, and that is the introduction of Ibrahimovic, "Mancini had close cooperation and Ibrahimovic, Ibrahimovic now he thinks might be the ideal candidate." "Corriere dello Sport "" If Inter Milan Ibrahimovic from AC Milan hands away then there is no doubt that this is 40 million after snatched Hole AC Milan Biya another heavy blow. "Previously Hole Shakespeare would have been very close AC Milan, on when everyone because Shakespeare will join the Rossoneri Hole, I get the French midfielder is Inter Milan.