NBA 2K18: How to create realistic players

2K yesterday, released the "NBA 2K18 (NBA 2K18)" aesthetic propaganda video. This video shows us a series of the most realistic visual effects of the jersey and the player's appearance of a major update.
The development team uses a new program (including new photo technology and laser scanning technology) to capture the details(click here to see buy nba 2k18 mt), so that players bring a super realistic realistic gaming experience. These upgrades include:

Photo Technology: The development team uses a new color technology with separate color capabilities to create a more accurate player color that can change as the light changes.

Jersey: The development team visited the NBA headquarters in New York, and for all the new Nike jersey and more than 200 pairs of shoes for laser scanning to capture all the details, even the smallest suture marks are not let go.

MyPLAYER: to provide beyond the past rich custom options, there are almost unlimited size to choose from, as well as all-encompassing(click here to infro as soon as possible), you can adjust and set the game players almost all levels of various options.
2K also announced that since September 8, 2017, PS4 and XboxOne platform players can download this year's 'chapter chapter' to first experience the "NBA 2K18", and early start MyCAREER. Players can start their game before the start of their "NBA 2K18" gaming experience, and in the game after the official sale (after a week) from the progress of interrupted continue to play.
"NBA 2K18" is scheduled for September 19, 2017 in the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, NS, PC platform for sale.