Messi: the second half of Argentina fell asleep.


Argentina's Copa America first show disappointing, pampas eagle in a two goal lead by Paraguay dogged equaliser, both sides fights 2-2 from each 1 minute. In this game, the team leader Messi's performance is very good, he scored a penalty, but the two staged 1v4 extraordinary.
After the game, Messi has accepted the interview, he expressed his disappointment: "game played is not good, especially in a 2-0 lead was equalized, we are very disappointed. The second half of the opponent adjust the tactics, they began to attack out, we are like asleep, there is no opportunity to grasp. The end result is a draw, which is what we all don't want to see.."
Little flea then replay the match: "in the first half we played very good, this is we should come up with the performance, in the second half began to pursue tempo of attack, the problem is in possession of the ball less." Massey continued: "we now need to consider the next opponents Uruguay, there are a lot of the need to improve the place. It's just the first game we end can win in Uruguay, we need more calm than ever before. We need to draw a lesson and try to win the game with Martino.."
In addition to Messi, there are a number of players in Argentina after the interview. Mascherano said: "we had the opportunity to expand their draw fire against oneself, the score, but was eventually equalized." Tevez, the substitute appearances, said: "in the first half well, the second half did not work. I have a bit like Mascherano after the play, and more than before.." Romero, the main goalkeeper, said: the game played well, there are many chances, the opponent into the two ball let me very unhappy." "I don't think it's much worse for the game," Pastoret said. "The details are just a bit of a shortage.