Marshal quite Bell: Ronaldo Benzema downturn over

This past weekend, the Wales coach Coleman guest on Sky Sports a show, during which he once again talked about the disciple Bell.

Coleman said: "I saw a lot of games Real Madrid, C Ronaldo, Benzema and Isco has a downturn, but only Bell became the object of media criticism of the majority of players play Real Madrid obviously not good. , but the newspaper only to Bell as a goal. Fortunately, Bell strong enough to get through it, and I think he was in the hands of Benitez will certainly play well. "

"From a personal point of view, too much emphasis on physical confrontation Premiership players like Bell often suffer collision violated Premier League is the world's most intense physical collision league, so selfishly speaking, the effectiveness of the Primera Liga after his health than at Tottenham when a lot better compared to the Premier League, La Liga slower pace. "

"Bell not eager to leave Real Madrid, why leave Real Madrid? I know that he is suffering from too much criticism, because it was the high transfer fee, he can easily become the target of outside attacks."