Guardiola: Bayern want 4 consecutive Bundesliga opponents are hard to become strong


Bayern Munich team began to focus on, opened the prelude to preparing for the new season, the Bundesliga coach Guardiola in prospect [microblogging] title situation, said that Bayern want four consecutive difficult because several Bundesliga opponents have changed strong.

"No one can capture four consecutive Bundesliga title," Guardiola said. "It only shows that this is a very difficult thing to do."

Guardiola point out the names of many teams, that they will be a strong rival Bundesliga champion Bayern Munich. "Dortmund [microblogging] With a new coach, this will give them a great boost; Monchengladbach been strengthening strength; Leverkusen coach Schmidt will be led in the second season, He is now more familiar with the team and the players situation; the Wolfsburg [microblogging] just had an extraordinary season; Schalke will join the ranks of contention. "

Bayern comes to their own situation, Guardiola revealed that Ribery when to return is still unknown. "I know he will rejoin, but do not know what time we have to be patient, let him be his own rehabilitation, we must help him, because for him it was a dilemma."

According Bundesliga fixtures, August 15, Bayern will be at home against Hamburg, fired the first shot the new season the defending journey.