Duncan excited to return to the starting line-up

Before playing the game against the Hornets, when the host read out the names of the Spurs starting five, there is a person's name caused great cheers of the fans, this person is - Tim Duncan. "I am very excited to return to starting," Duncan said, laughing. "I feel very commendable(more 2k16 mt for sale)."

In response to a small lineup Warriors, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich to Duncan on the bench, you know this is the third time Duncan career off the bench, the Spurs also made that final victory. Duncan off the bench to make a decision, Popovich said he did not discuss in advance with Duncan, but Duncan said Gregg do not need to do so.

"Popovich could do anything he wanted to do," in the game against the Warriors, played only eight minutes Duncan says. "Anyway, I exposed a face in the game."

In the loss to the Hornets played the game, return to the starting lineup of Duncan, finally got 16 points, 10 rebounds and four blocks of data. Hornets coach Clifford said Duncan gladly obey the coach's attitude, it is the cornerstone of the Spurs dynasty.

"Such an attitude to set the tone for the whole team," Clifford said. "When the team's best players are willing to be coached, and listen to the coach on his request, and that other people will not be difficult to get involved. The relationship between them is the key to the team to establish a culture."

Today, the Spurs to 59 wins and 11 losses record ranked second in the West, if at the end of the regular season, the Spurs record to reach 62 wins, then Duncan will receive an additional $ 750,000 in salary, because it is his contract contained a clause. This added bonus will be incorporated into Duncan now $ 5.25 million salary to go, which means that this season, Duncan's salary will be $ 6 million salary occupy space.

In fact, the NBA, many players will include incentive contract terms, such as the Warriors center Andrew Bogut, and his contract contains such a provision, if he is to qualify for the best defensive team this season, two teams or defensive team, then he will get a $ 1.8 million bonus.buy now