Don’t look at Messi! Have a look C guards Luo hat trick so can play

The whole of the European football season is over, but C never stops, Portugal away 3-2 beat Armenia, C lo and hat trick.
In the case of 0-1 backward, C Luo in the game even 3 goals, to help Portugal reverse the game. The season, this is the C Lo thirty-fifth hat trick, this is more than any one active athlete. In people's impression, C Lo has become an out of the hat trick king ". No matter when, as long as the C, on the pitch, the Portuguese goal is the opposite goal. The cap and play rule is the best label for the C's ability to score..
Even more incredible is that this is c Luo in the third straight game staged a hat trick the, such feat Kuang Gu Shuo today, the hat trick are playing into the hat trick. The last two in Spanish and Spanish Getafe, C Luo contributed a hat trick. Although the last Real Madrid has been unable to catch up with Barcelona, but by virtue of the last stage of a strong individual performance, c Luo to 48 ball gains League Golden boot, the European golden boot also no doubt in the bag. At the same time, also in La Liga 5 player of the Month award.
For ordinary striker and scored a hat trick has enough pride, but Ronaldo in three consecutive games realized "hat trick" "hat trick", obviously, compared to the other strikers, c Luo already belongs to from creature from another planet.
More commendable is, c Luo staged a hat trick of 35 games, all is the official game of the national team or club, there is no a is friendly. And in 35 games for the, c Luo, where the team without a tie or lose any a, c Luo team record was 35 wins and 0 draws and 0 losses. Even if the game in Portugal last only 10 men, in front of danger prone, but this law still cannot be broken.
Is no exaggeration, c Luo goal is winning team guarantee that every staged a hat trick, he firmly for the team get a victory, so absolutely reliable fighting capacity and stability, let C Ronaldo became the stadium winner in the history of a rare. After Carlo Ancelotti, who said, with Ronaldo is equal to start the game with the score of 1-0, and c Luo guards scoring ability, so a little no exaggeration. Although Messi this year in honor of the team is better, but c Luo continuous three hat tricks claimed, the Kuangshi lasting "world best" battle, is far from the end.