Azar broke new brake front of God misfiring Chelsea lost 2-4 4 goals

2015/16 season, Chelsea pre-season warm-up match at Red Bull Arena first started competing, Chelsea 2 to 4 loss to the New York Red Bulls, Remy and Azar goal, Diego - Costa many wasted opportunities, new goalkeeper Beige Stojakovic scored four goals in the second half was.

This is the Premier League champions in their first pre-season game. Ivanovic become captain, Cesc Fabregas and Oscar both starting. New aid Begovic on the bench, Terry, Diego - Costa and Azar also into the bench.

Courtois launch quick counter-attack, Fabregas pass, but the shot was saved Moses left the restricted area. Fabregas pass, restricted area before the shot wide of the teenager Traore. Red Bull New York for the first time get a chance, Shane - Davis with his teammates kicked the wall with the right rear of the shot wide of the near corner. Oscar won the outside edge of the free kick opportunity, but the Brazilians personally kick 20 yards direct shot higher. Chelsea miss the first 20 minutes, Ivanovic free kick left the restricted area pass in the melee, Zuma close range header just wide of the left post.

Chelsea 26 minutes to break the deadlock, Oscar restricted the right pass, the ball Akira detour Remy angle 14 yards after the opening break shot. Last season he scored nine goals for Chelsea. The first 31 minutes, Mikel long pass, restricted the right of small-angle Moses lob the ball over the goalkeeper into the far corner column was denied. Chelsea then missed a great opportunity, Moses right pass, Traore far point shot was blocked after a pass, but Remy close thigh block the ball up the empty net. Oscar restricted area arc shot the same target. Small restricted area before Courtois steals, he turned around and saved thanks to Obey science hasty shot in the left box.

Chelsea second half rotation 8, Diego - Costa, Azar, Matic and Terry were played, Begovic debut. Diego - Costa restricted area on the right shot hit high. Begovic attack flutter lob fall before the next point, Rivera Kongmen is Terry timely closure. New York Red Bulls 51 minutes to tie the game, Terry return force weaker, Begovic tackles unsuccessful attack, Rivera steals into the empty goal, 1-1. Chelsea missed the chance again, Oscar right-sided free kick pass, Diego - Costa header from 12 yards hit the crossbar rebound, he missed tip in a small edge of the area.
New York Red Bulls 4 minutes connected to the two goals in the 69th minute, Rivera right pass, Adams unguarded 10 yards hoisting the network go-ahead score, 2-1. The first 73 minutes, Matic Landang other biography, Terry failed to rescue, Sean - Davis 14 yards shot to break, 3-1. Chelsea 75 minutes to narrow the gap between the low-pass free kick Oscar edge of the area, the lower left corner of Adjara shot unguarded net, 2-3. The first 77 minutes, Zuma biography poor clearance by the other party, Sean - Davis penalty area on the right shot from 12 yards across the network between the legs Terry, 4-2.

Chelsea wasted scoring opportunities in a row, beginning with Zuma biography, Oscar header was saved. Secondly, after the Red Bull field return errors, Diego - Costa restricted the right oblique single-handedly missed. Azar then broke into the restricted area pass in the left, 12 yards Oscar unguarded Tui same target.