AC Milan Ibrahimovic also grab!


This summer, AC Milan striker arrival rewarding, Baca and Adriano greatly complement the team's offensive line, but AC Milan did not stop the pace of signings up front, Ibrahimovic has been AC Milan hope to get that person, but Inter Milan suddenly to grab people.

In fact AC Milan began the introduction of Ibrahimovic early action, while Ibrahim himself is willing to return to AC Milan, for which he even personally and brokers found Paris Saint-Germain's top, leaving the team to discuss the issue, but in the end Paris Saint Germans decided to leave him. However, the most recent period, with the "France Football" public bombarded Paris St Germain should give up seeking reconstruction Ibrahimovic, Ibrahimovic direct relationship with the French tyrant is once again tense, taking into account the flies are not liking Ibrahimovic in France, He left Paris returned to Milan to become familiar with the topic of media stir, while AC Milan has been the most aggressive pursuer Ibrahimovic, AC Milan striker despite the introduction of two reinforcements, but still actively buying Ibrahimovic.

But now rivals AC Milan emerged, "slow motion" feeling to compete for Ibrahimovic's Milan derby began, Ibrahimovic another former club, Inter Milan have joined the battle for the Swedish God Tower camp. "Corriere dello Sport" with a cover of the latest issue of the "Inter Milan Ibrahimovic raid" in the title, exposed suddenly popped up to compete for Inter Milan Ibrahimovic news.

"Rome sports daily," said the Inter Milan now have a new idea, and that is the introduction of Ibrahimovic, "Mancini had close cooperation and Ibrahimovic, Ibrahimovic now he thinks might be the ideal candidate." "Corriere dello Sport "" If Inter Milan Ibrahimovic from AC Milan hands away then there is no doubt that this is 40 million after snatched Hole AC Milan Biya another heavy blow. "Previously Hole Shakespeare would have been very close AC Milan, on when everyone because Shakespeare will join the Rossoneri Hole, I get the French midfielder is Inter Milan.