81 per night Bryant recalled: since many times flashed

Tomorrow will be Kobe Bryant - Bryant 81 per night 10 anniversary. Recently in an interview with the Associated Press, talked about a decade ago that night, Bryant still said: "unsolvable mystery(2k16 mt).

Looking back 10 years ago, scored 81 points for the Raptors, and unbelievable that crazy night, Bryant still fresh, he even remembers the field 24 hours ago, he ate something.

"That night was many times flashed in my mind," Bryant said, "In this regard I can not explain. I do can be explained from different angles, such as how well I kind of training, but as a final night comes, there is always some mysterious thing happen. can get that many points, really can not be explained. "

Bryant did not explain, after all, he did not eat anything before the so-called health food. Just a few hours before the game broke out, he was still celebrating the birthday of his daughter Natalia 3. "The night before I ate Italian sausage and grape soda wax," Bryant said with a smile, "My knee still not pain. I remember before the game I also eat a burger and fries. I'm not kidding, and then I so to play the game. My knee was still painful, I can only try to overcome. "

The game has not double-team Bryant Raptors, despite the double-team Bryant insisted that even if does not help, but in front of the TV watching the game now Kings coach George Karl -, the Raptors still can not figure out why not take a double, even three double-team tactics to limit Bryant's scoring.

"(Toronto) such tactics is there, so I had to deal with Bryant, wanted him to throw all the balls," Karl said, "Compared to guard Kobe Bryant, Lakers other players indeed limit much easier. Bryant hit rate only slightly down a bit, but if Bryant's score reaches 40, 45 or 50 points, you have to change tactics, but I did not know Kobe etc., how in the end will be. "

Fast forward 10 years later, this Kobe also have mixed feelings. "It's time flies ah," Bryant said, "from the night has in the past 10 years, really weird. My daughter has also been 13 years old. Wow, when she was just a little baby in my arms, but now She is a young lady. "source:www.nbamtcoin.com