30 minutes ahead of the trash hit 4 minutes and a half! Is it really suitable for the first one?

Rockets 137-110 victory over the Jazz at home. Rockets headed star James - Haddon scored a career-high 56 points. In order for Harden to break Houston's single-game scoring record (57 points), D'Antoni left Harden in the trash during the fourth quarter, but Harden ultimately failed to break the record.

The game, Harden's feel hot hot, the end of the third quarter, Harden has scored a career-high 54 points, while the Rockets leading Jazz up to 30 points.

Obviously, the game has come to junk time, and the Jazz have come on the bench, but given that Harden is only 3 points away from the Rockets history record (57 for Kelvin - Murphy) D'Antoni may consciously keep Harden on the floor.

Had 11 minutes and 37 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Harden breakthrough layup, his score has become 56 points, away from the record to break Murphy close at hand.

But maybe there was a problem with your physical ability, or if you were too anxious to break the record, Harden was unable to make a continuous shot and you made a mistake. In the meantime, the Rockets still have a 56-point Harden on the court after the game has reached junk time and Jazz is surrendering, somewhat less justified.

In the end, the Rockets replaced Harden with seven minutes and 32 seconds left in the fourth quarter. For Harden this is indeed a bit regrettable.

According to statistics, this is Harden's third single career game with at least 50 points and 10 assists, with Russell - Westbrook tied for the first 30 years.nba mt ,buy nba 2k18 coins at nbamtcoins,24/7 online help.