Before Beasley joined the rocket attack encountered great trouble, James - Harden and Dwight - Howard Rockets can not find outside of the third consistent scorer. Beasley's arrival changed the rocket, he now become even substituted Howard posture Team II score points(more mt points nba 2k16).

After joining the Rockets, Beasley became the team's most efficient scorer, he attacked every opportunity to get 0.3 points, shooting each shot only Biha Deng scored less 0.00015 points, the gap is almost negligible. In offensive efficiency standings, Beasley entered the top 20 forwards in the league all.

Beasley had previously been criticized like pull-strong cast, which is regarded as a very inefficient play. But this season he wore defensive strong cast hit rate as high as 42.9%, the highest in the league nine. Beasley this trait is critical for the rockets, because the Rockets this season strong cast shooting only 31.7% Union 29. Beasley especially like strong cast in the distance, but we all know that the rocket has been pursuing Moneyball, refused to distance shot. Beasley's arrival so that the rocket attack way more diverse, but also willing to let Beasley Murray to play to their strengths.

In addition to scoring, Beasley is also provided to the Rockets with a defensive rebound, improved rocket another major weakness. This season, the Rockets grabbed every opportunity 100 22.2 defensive rebounds, 27th in the league, they are very good at card bit. While Beasley a card is also very bad, but he is still every chance to grab 100 7.6 defensive rebounds, even Bikapeila are higher.

"Beasley brings is averaging 20 points and could get the ability to score, and defensive rebounds," Bickerstaff said.

However, the rocket some loopholes, Beasley did not play to fill the role. For example, errors and defense. Rocket is the league's control failures are not good team, and the ball turnovers per 100 Beasley 6.5 times more than the league average of 2.1 times.

In addition, Beasley defensive opponents shooting up to 46.4%, he met in the defense lost per 100 screening score of 6.9 points, the data Bializha (6.2), Harden (5.3) should be high. Beasley is not simply a cover to block the opponent, in fact, he has a ratio of 44.3% of rotations, but his defense does not work well.

There is a serious problem in the rocket anti-conversion attack poor, it is easy opponents labeled fast break. Beasley did not help in this regard to the rockets, each of his 100 chance of being labeled opponents attack frequency conversion was 2.7 times. Harden always say inattention, poor offensive anti-conversion, anti-back is not timely, but he has only 1.4 times the data only.

All in all, Beasley to the rocket attack, defensive rebounds scraping provide active assistance, but the defensive end he did not make any contribution. Moreover, now the Rockets defensive problems than attacking the problem significantly, they need to get rid of defensive intensity is not enough, the problem of poor communication, but this is not Beasley can be resolved. Of course, the Rockets signed Yuebisili after all, only with a salary contract, which is a low-risk but high reward might operate. So far, Beasley's performance is considered exceeded

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Houston Rockets in the first two games back to back, with 87-89 being the Utah Jazz reversed, dropped out of West 8. In a crucial battle in a card playoff spot, but the rockets on several nodes Hunzhao after another, wasting up to 17-point lead, a pity.

First the clock back two minutes before the end, Gordon - Hayward 2 penalty 1, after the Jazz to 82-81 lead. Subsequently, James - Harden made Trevor - Booker foul, two free throws. Next, the rocket rose Yu Yong, anti visiting team a 24-second violation, Harden again after being helpless to prevent the ball training and preparation Patrick - Beverly, only the latter Backdoor dumped succeeded, the Rockets regain the lead 85-82 .

Jazz was forced to pause, followed by Trey - Ingles replaced Booker, hoping to increase the pitch to score a point, while the Rockets coach J.B. agent - Bickerstaff then by Corey - Brewer replaced - Michael Beasley. As a result, Shell Man - Mark soared in 3 minutes, pass Harden Beverly intent too obvious, Hayward was cut off, and while Dwight - Howard defense out of position of the machine made its foul, two free throws.

During this period, Bickerstaff choice is debatable. First, the Jazz from the potential of these 43 seconds, he was not anticipating a call in advance to pause. If we say this is because the market situation is constantly changing, the reaction is not fast enough, then it is even more to replace Beasley with Brewer Hunzhao.

Bickerstaff's intention to be understood that the present field thirds Brewer scored 10 points 3, 2, and repeatedly hit a key ball, play him share Harden pressure this is not an exaggeration. But the problem is, the field of 10 shots 5 Beasley also scored 10 points, not bad grasp of the offensive. Moreover, the Rockets ahead 3 points, the compaction of the defensive end, especially for the inside trap, and if dealt with this, then obviously you want to Bibuluer Beasley more trustworthy.

After Hadeng Fu to the soul assists Warcraft dunk tied, Hood conflict points, Derek - Phevos dunk quasi-lore. 3 points and Mark Hood of conflict points, Harden led to the unfavorable perimeter defense to be held accountable, but in view of the rocket has reached physical bottlenecks, the contraction of the defense, stick to the basket, but at the last but Bickerstaff always put a senior small, defensive vulnerability and trust the recent growing Warcraft one person, but most of the time in the fourth quarter deprecated Clint - Capella, a bit irrational.

Speaking rocket physical problems, coach Bickerstaff also to blame. First Section, on the occasion of the rocket squad rotation will be divided difference widened to 10 points, but Bickerstaff was early in 7 minutes 10 seconds, instead of about 6 minutes start regular rotation of the rotation, and staggering to 4 on 4 under. This leads to consequences that they could not get enough rest starters, Harden is a continuous two days drenched play more than 80 minutes. When the field in the second half war tight, he did not actually break one minute, a direct result of the sharp drop in the key moment of mass destruction.

Of course, all the responsibility to blame the head coach is not rational, the Rockets now have no chance of self-pity. Can make fewer mistakes in the remaining schedule, the rocket will decide whether to climb out of the quagmire.

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Kaka welcomed him to the club Tuesday, and now Orlando City has announced that Julio Baptista has joined the MLS franchise.

Orlando City has confirmed the signing of former Brazil international Julio Baptista.
The 34-year-old had been strongly linked having a move towards the MLS franchise, and his former Sao Paulo teammate Kaka, who also plays for Orlando, welcomed him to the club by means of Twitter on Tuesday.
Baptista has represented the likes of Real Madrid, Arsenal and Sevilla in the course of his career and also the forward has been with no a club since leaving Brazilian side Cruzeiro in December.

"Julio is a robust, physical and tactical player who will offer us with extra depth and selections inside the forward positions," coach Adrian Heath told Orlando's official web-site. "We enjoyed possessing him train with us earlier this month, and are very pleased together with the selection to bring him on board full time."
Orlando City is third within the Eastern Conference with 5 points soon after three matches, following Friday's 1-0 win at New York City FC.

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