Germany’s international friendly against Holland was cancelled on Tuesday evening amid fears it will be targeted by a terrorist attack.

The match in Hanover was as a consequence of start at 7.45pm GMT but a safety alert saw police step in at about 6pm to stop it taking location.

The German football federation (DFB) announced in a short Twitter statement: “The group are in a secure spot. The match won't go ahead.”

Its spokesman Jens Grittner wrote on Twitter: “We had been on our way in to the stadium and had been diverted by the police to a safe place. We can not say additional at this time. Please fully grasp.”

German broadcaster NDR quoted Hanover police chief Volker Kluwe as saying: “We have had concrete evidence that somebody wanted to ignite an explosive device in the stadium.”

Dutch newspaper Telegraaf stated one suspicious package was identified that was later shown to be harmless.

Announcing the cancellation, a stadium public address announcer at the Niedersachsenstadion said: “I’m sorry however the match has just been known as off.”

The announcer mentioned there was “no danger”.

Germany have been caught up in the attacks in Paris on Friday, with explosions heard outside the Stade de France for the duration of their friendly against France as suicide bombers detonated devices.

Attacks within the French capital have so far claimed at the very least 129 lives.

Belgium’s friendly against Spain, which was also due to be played on Tuesday, was cancelled on Monday night as a consequence of an improved terrorism threat.

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